Our Group companies are focused on core markets and solution areas. We currently operate throughout the UK and France, providing an extensive range of services to protect and manage a variety of property, assets and sites.

An overview of the markets our operating companies serve, and the solutions we provide are detailed below.

Vacant Property Security

Empty property and assets need specialist security, as they are a common target for thieves, squatters, vandals and arsonists. It is vital that property owners and managers employ the most secure solution and provide value for money for their vacant sites.

The Clearway Group companies provide highly effective solutions to protect buildings, sites and assets from illegal occupation, theft and vandalism as well as help to reduce any negative impact on the surrounding community.

We combine the latest technology with established techniques to deliver the best value protection. CCTV and video verification alarms, combined with on-going property inspections, steel doors & screens ensure properties are safe, secured and meet all insurance requirements from a compliance perspective.

Property Services

The Clearway Group companies work extensively in this fast response market. Clearance, cleaning, repair and on-going maintenance of domestic and commercial property ensures asset values are maintained and properties are sold and / or tenanted in line with our customers’ expectations.

Property managers, landlords, local authorities, pub groups and housing associations all benefit from our comprehensive range of services. We also offer a number of highly specialist services, including bio-hazard and drug use removal, pest control and fumigation, as well as complex crime scene clean up and invasive plant removal.

We pride ourselves on having returned many thousands of properties to a safe, clean and occupiable condition, as well as providing cost effective on-going maintenance for sites that remain vacant on either a short-term or long-term basis.

Commercial Sector

Changing workplace and retail dynamics mean property professionals face an on-going challenge when protecting and managing one of the UK’s biggest asset classes.

In the retail environment, macroeconomic shifts are driving an increase in vacancies for both out of town and high street properties. Both are high risk targets for theft, vandalism and unwanted occupation.

These rapidly changing trends require flexible property management solutions.

By providing a full range of rapidly deployable property and security services, The Clearway Group companies free up commercial property managers’ time to focus on maximising commercial value from their portfolio, as well as reducing compliance and insurance risks.


Construction sites and properties under refurbishment are particularly vulnerable to unlawful intrusion. The consequential costs can be considerable, both in terms of delays to the project and monetary loss to the contractor.

The Clearway Group companies provide innovative technology solutions to safeguard any construction site, day or night, providing a cost-effective solution compared to traditional security solutions.

Mobile, remote-monitored CCTV systems are an efficient way to cost effectively monitor site activity, protect vulnerable buildings and ensure that projects are successfully completed without risk of physical or financial loss.

CCTV Solutions

The Clearway Group has developed an extremely powerful and flexible range of CCTV solutions that can be used as both a first line of defence and as a real-time, remote monitoring service. Our inView CCTV Tower is currently being deployed in 100s of sites across the UK and France.

CCTV provides more than just a visual deterrent for vacant properties and sites. Our footage of security breaches, burglaries, squatting, theft, anti-social behaviour is frequently used in criminal prosecutions.

Daytime, night-time, internal, external, portable, mains, solar or battery powered; the breadth of Clearway’s solutions means we have complete flexibility to tailor our approach to individual customer requirements.


The Clearway Group understands the synergies between mainstream security and the highway sector’s delivery requirements, not least the value of the assets we’re all looking to protect (people, plant and place).

Our work with clients such as National Highways and Eurovia has proven where we can provide enhanced support on highways and wider transport related projects for contractors and transport authorities.

We are experienced in the need to increase and maintain the safety of those working on the highway and transport networks, whilst at the same time looking at how technology can be used to reduce human interaction with highway and transport assets.

Our technology is regularly used as an active safety measure, whether that be monitoring in temporary traffic management or on fixed infrastructure.

Public Sector

Local authorities and housing associations are responsible for a large volume of properties. These organisations need effective vacant property management processes to make best use of their assets and maximise revenues.

The Clearway Group companies help a wide range of public sector organisations to secure and maintain their properties when empty, ensuring maximum usability and rapid re-occupation when required.

Packaged and rapid response solutions are designed specifically with the needs, and budget, of public sector customers in mind.


Security underpinned by best-in-class monitoring is instrumental in our desire to provide the most effective protection for property and assets. We play an integral part in crime prevention and supporting the police to prosecute offenders.

Unlike many competitors, The Clearway Group have our own in-house dedicated NSI Gold approved alarm receiving centre, which provides a 24/7 monitoring service to support our extensive range of security solutions.

This state-of-the-art centre is housed in a secure facility and enables remote monitoring 24/7. Manned by our industry-accredited in-house team of qualified monitoring staff, we react and respond to alerts and activity quickly and appropriately.

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