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Clearway UK’s breadth of services includes a full suite of vacant property solutions for an ever-expanding range of customers and needs. We provide 24/7 rapid-response property security and services to the private, commercial and public sectors throughout the United Kingdom.

Clearway UK was established in 1991 and through an on-going commitment to product innovation and service delivery excellence, have become one of the UK’s leading vacant property security specialists. They continue to set new standards with industry-leading product innovation and service delivery.

Clearway UK has a strong, experienced management team, who remain instrumental in driving the company forward and ensuring outstanding customer satisfaction. Clearway’s nationwide solutions are managed from their headquarters in Dartford and delivered via their UK-wide depot network.

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Clearway Services Scotland (Formerly PSMS)

Specialist providers of security, property maintenance and security solutions for vacant property and assets to both the public and private sectors with an established presence throughout Scotland.

Recently rebranded to Clearway Services Scotland, and headquartered in East Kilbride, they continue to grow their position within the Scottish market, supported by the wider Group.

The Clearway Group viewed this acquisition as key to expanding and strengthening our capabilities in the Scottish market, and a significant extension of our geographical reach. We are working with Clearway Services Scotland’s executive team to bring more of the Group’s extensive product portfolio to the Region.

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Clearway Technology (Formerly Cerberus)

Clearway Technology provides a full range of vacant property and fixed asset security and protection solutions focused around leading-edge technology including CCTV systems, human/vehicle/object detection, AI and Video Analytics and Environmental Monitoring. Their NSI Gold Cat II approved 24-hour Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) provides state-of-the-art monitoring capability.

Headquartered in West Yorkshire, Clearway Technology has excellent market penetration throughout the North of England and has experienced strong year-on-year growth. The Clearway Group recognised their capacity for continuing this growth in the future hence the recent (2022) rebrand to Clearway Technology.

Their solutions utilise the latest technology and IT innovations to ensure best in class products and services are available to their customers. As we continue to expand our customer base, their solutions, combined with the operations of all group businesses will enable the Group to provide a one-stop in-house capability.

The acquisition of Cerberus (now Clearway Technology) added a high-quality in-house CCTV and alarm monitoring capability to the Group, a previously outsourced service. This in-house capability has enhanced the Group companies’ solution portfolios, reduced the complexity in providing this essential resource, and provides our customers with a seamless service.

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Protim has been operating since 1996 and have established a strong presence across France during that time. They have a particular focus on providing services to the social housing sector, as well as catering for landlords, private individuals and businesses. Protim have built an enviable reputation for the highest quality service standards which has enabled them to expand their customer base and maintain excellent customer retention levels.

They operate a 24/7 rapid-response service and specialise in the provision of temporary vacant building security. This is provided through a set of bespoke packaged services which can be rapidly installed to suit the customer’s requirements. Tailored security solutions are also provided which are specifically designed to fit within the customer’s overall security needs and budget.

The Clearway Group have identified Protim’s growth opportunities. We are working closely with the executive team to identify and create further competitive advantage in the French market, through the development and implementation of new products and service solutions across multiple sectors.

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Ouest Alarme

Installation of alarms, cameras and remote surveillance on the Vendée, West of France

For nearly 15 years, OUEST ALARME has supported individuals and businesses in their specific security needs through quality products and solutions.

Agreement French approval: AGD-SE1-2018-10-16-A-00089196

OUEST ALARME and its team of more than 20 qualified staff advise, install and maintain adapted and totally customized solutions:

  • Alarm & remote surveillance with subscription
  • Fire alarm & access control
  • Cyber-guarding with PC surveillance
  • Construction site access & control

OUEST ALARME has its own unique 24/7 remote monitoring and video guarding centre in highly secure premises.

Equipped with the latest technologies in remote surveillance and video surveillance, the monitoring station OUEST ALARME has a wall of images comparable to that of large French cities.

Clearway Debt Squared (Formerly Debt Squared Group Ltd)

Founded in 2008, Debt Squared Group Ltd (now Clearway Debt Squared) offers a range of debt recovery, enforcement and property security products and services to commercial markets throughout England and Wales.

Providing Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery (CRAR) solutions for commercial, industrial, and retail property sites leads typically to working on behalf of landlords with pubs, restaurants, shops and shopping centres, office blocks and business parks in their portfolios.

Eviction, repossession, and security services largely includes the safeguarding of vacant properties, car parks and construction sites in addition to independent schools and other privately owned open spaces.

The business has access to over 50 Enforcement Agents across England and Wales and their internal Recovery Account Team manages the day-to-day deployment of this unique resource from its base in Cheshire. A high success rate and a combined experience of more than 25 years in debt collection and property possession ensures that Clearway Debt Squared the first choice for many landlords and businesses.

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Specialising in the electronic surveillance of goods, Sidéo recently became part of the Clearway France group of companies. Created in 2009 by Bertrand Delorme, Sidéo is involved in the surveillance of a multitude of different environments; construction sites, vacant residential property, empty warehouses, etc.).

Our experience, the quality of our installation, and the performance of our after-sales service provides confidence to our portfolio of clients which includes demolition companies, asbestos removers, property developers, project managers and general contractors.

This recognition allows us to carry out more than 200 installations per year in the Rhône-Alpes region.

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